Session 1

Session 1 begins with the group waking up in a dungeon like jail underground with magic collars on their necks that they discover ‘disciplines’ them if they try to remove them. After a brief introduction, the group find a ‘Ring of Very Slight Healing’ with a note from the mysterious ‘L’. A jailor enters and gives them all roles to complete in their time in service of the Queen.

Reaching the end of their shifts, the group start to look for ‘L’. They talk to Gertrude ‘Gertie’ Ironfist, who also has a collar, and the human Sparrow, an individual who avoids all questions and doesn’t drink the alcohol in the tavern, warning them all to do the same before rushing upstairs.

The group follow him upstairs to his room where he is revealed to be Lyle, the mysterious ‘L’. He has their belongings and needs help taking down the Queen. Before they can get too far, three Champions rush in. Lyle smashes a gem on the ground, cancelling the magic collars. The party take out two guards before another three rush in. They take them all out and start planning for how they will make their way to the Queen. Lyle informs them that she is in a hidden area accessed by a small hatch behind the bar. He needs a distraction to help them get there and he has one final gem. The group agree to get him down to the bustling tavern so he can smash it and start a bar fight to provide cover to get behind the bar.

Once behind the bar, the group follow a tunnel to a chamber with an archway with rocks instead of a stone wall. Etched on these is a bee, crown, bed, chess piece, cart, spoon, lipstick, a ring, and a tankard. Pressing the bee, crown, bed, and chess piece reveals an entry way to another chamber with two doors. The group opens the stone door to reveal a bar and an underground throne room with two occupants, one Champion and a Goblin sitting on the throne.

Taurin goes in first and uses his fire breath ability and almost takes out the Champion in one go. The Queen, not expecting this type of force, falls quickly. The group loot and find a small opening under the rug which looks like it was cleared out recently, though there is a smattering of coins.

Going back upstairs, the charm on the patrons has ended with the death of The Queen. Lyle tends to the clean up and T’ix, untrusting of him, demands payment. Lyle hands over his fathers ‘Boots of Haste’ which he used in his drag performance, and a coin pouch with 50gp, all that Lyle has left. T’ix, feeling bad, takes half and returns it to him.

The group retire to a table in the empty tavern to plan what they’d like to do next before going for a long rest.

(Note: This first session is based on the first One Shot in the ‘Adventuring with Pride’ book by Jack Dixon)

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