Session 2

Session 2 begins after a night’s rest at The Pot of Gold Tavern run by Lyle. River wakes up gasping and feeling around her throat to see if the collar was in place and feeling relief at its absence. The group reconvene downstairs to discuss their plans further. They decide to continue on to the city that afternoon after River helps Lyle fix the sign over the tavern. The Queen had replaced the original sign of ‘The Pot of Gold’ with her own sign for ‘The Queens Way’. T’ix and Taurin go and set up a forge kit that Taurin was tasked with building the previous day. Mika heads out into the woods to find her friend while being closely followed by Leaf, who is making no effort to hide the fact that she is following. In the woods, Mika finds an owl staring at her from a branch and starts to make amends with it, calling her Owlivia. Leaf then heads back to find Taurin in a quiet spot meditating, River up a tree to look out at the way ahead. Leaf joins and makes a poorly drawn rendition of the view and slides back down the tree, managing to avoid all of the branches and sticks a 3-point landing.

The group move on, making their half days travel to Eahlens, also known as The Summer City. On their way, they encounter two humans and a red haired female halfling called Ada with a broken cart filled with flowers that they were taking to the city, but an attack in the night caused their horses to run off. The group offer to find and return them. Ads, while standoffish with Leaf, accepts Taurins offer to travel to the city together for protection.

Arriving at the city, there are large swathes of fabric being hung across the roofs of buildings; red, orange, yellow, blue and purple lines of the fabric filtering through onto the streets with the setting sun. They ask Ada for recommendations for a place to stay for the night with ‘The Singing Dragon’ Upon entering, the bar is very crowded. They purchase rooms for the night and some fruity cocktails from the owner Rhydian before a Drag Show performance starts. River looks for a mark to steal from and ropes Leaf into it. They learn of rumours of some of the flower producers outside of the city being attacked and crops being stolen. Once another performance starts River manages to steal a marks locket before handing it back. Leaf procures drinks for them on the marks tab and brings back a vodka for River after she asked for water. They make a deal that if Leaf can steal something then River will drink the vodka. Leaf approaches her mark and makes friends with them before stealing their coin pouch. Holding up her end of the deal, River drinks the vodka before the group split off to their rooms for the night with Leaf having a single room and leaving the door open for visitors.

The following day the group decide they are in need of provisions and visit The Common Room and Xanthia’s Tinctures and Tonics.

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