Pandora’s Listening Earring

Don’t want to watch on a seeing stone? Pandora has you covered! Pandora and Metz have created an all new Listening Earring for all you lucky podcast listeners to tune into the antics of The Rainbow Posse (or is it The Pussy Bandits?). Listen to them in your car, on your run, or even in the shower!

Session 42 – Twists and Turns Queer & D

Late night stake out complete, the group visit the 12 temples before joining the Counsul Meeting at Queen Eleanore's behest. Music Used: 'Epic Cinematic Music No Copyright Free Music (gauntlet amv)' by Gauntlet Gaming.… 'Dungeons And Dragons [Cinematic]' by Alexander Nakarada Follow us on: Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: QueerAndD Website: #QueerND #DungeonsAndDragons.
  1. Session 42 – Twists and Turns
  2. Session 41 – R.I.P. Apple
  3. Session 40 – Big Trouble in Little Temple Town
  4. Session 39 – Eldritch Blast?
  5. Session 38 – Introducing The Pussy Bandits