Player Characters

Leaf (She/Her)- An Elven druid who hails from Ustrodel and likes to get into as much trouble as she can, mostly with River. When she isn’t causing too much trouble, she is getting cuddles from resident dad, Taurin.

Played by – Abbie

Mika (She/They)- A Dwarven druid who grew up in Caeburn on the outskirts of the Coalterel Forest. She travels with her trusty owl companion, Owlivia, and sleeps whenever she can.

Played by – Kristin

River(She/Her)- A Tabaxi Rogue Artificer coming from The Phantom Isles. She loves to get into trouble and wants to learn as much magic as she can while staying as far away from Lady Reylana as she can.

Played by – Erin

Secret(They/Them)- A Dark Elf Warlock coming from Ustrodel. They have been in the service of Queen Eleanore as a spy for many years. After abandoning River some time back outside of Beghdhur, they became part of the Rainbow Posse at the behest of the Queen.

Played by – Mic

T’ix (They/Them)- A Changeling Fighter who grew up on the outskirts of society in a hidden community. Five years in the wild alone has left its mark on T’ix, who only wants to help their friends and see justice in the world.

Played by – Layla

Taurin (He/Him)- A Dragonborn Paladin of the goddess Ehor. He came from The Phantom Isles and is on his own secret mission. He is the dad of the group and is often one of the only voices of reason, when he isn’t showing off his dance skills that is.

Played by – Trisha